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Internal Medicine Physicians in Wichita, Kansas

Kansas Physician Group has provided high-quality and affordable internal medicine and primary care to Wichita and the surrounding areas for years.

About Kansas Physician Group

Our team of Wichita doctors has spent years training with leading doctors in their specialty and has brought that expertise back home to Kansas to serve our community in the best possible way.

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Internal medicine clinic in Wichita, Kansas

Medical services we offer

While we specialize in the internal medicine and primary care fields, our network of specialists offers other medical services such as cardiology, pulmonology, diabetes, sleep studies, endocrinology, geriatrics, cardiovascular disease and electrophysiology. Our wide range of healthcare services allows us to be involved in every level of your care.

Internal medicine

At Kansas Physician Group, our internists strive to be your gateway to the medical field. That is, we want to partner with our patients to not only help them manage active disease processes but also to prevent health conditions and when necessary, coordinate care between specialists.

Our team of physicians and nurse practitioners are skilled at addressing all facets of healthcare and keep appointments open not only for annual physicals and check-ups but also for those acute issues like colds that show up at the worst possible times.

For internal medicine care at Kansas Physician Group, make an appointment with Dr. Lai or Dr. Kroeker.


Kansas Physician Group has partnered with Kansas City Heart Rhythm Institute to provide electrophysiology (EP) services here in Wichita. Our team consists of cardiologists, physician assistants, nurse practitioners and technicians who concentrate their efforts on the diagnosis and treatment of arrhythmias.

Our practice is equipped with the latest technology to perform common diagnostic tests such as electrophysiology studies and tilt table testing to monitor your heart's condition and diagnose possible arrhythmias. At times, treatment may not be necessary for heart arrhythmias. In instances where more advanced procedures are necessary, our surgeons provide surgical treatments for heart arrhythmias including ablation, pacemaker implantation and pulmonary vein isolation.

Visiting our multispecialty office

Our practice is located next to Wesley Woodlawn Hospital off of North Woodlawn Boulevard. Parking is available in front of our office.

Make an appointment

Patients are seen by appointment — on the same day the appointment is made if possible. To schedule an appointment, please call (316) 260-1690 during regular business hours.


Please call in advance for office visits. Make follow-up appointments as you leave. We make every effort to stay on schedule although emergencies do arise. If we are seriously delayed, we attempt to notify patients beforehand.

For your convenience, we offer online appointment scheduling through our request an appointment online scheduling tool.

New patients

New patients are asked to arrive 15 minutes early to complete paperwork. You can download, print, and complete the forms prior to your appointment. Please bring the completed forms, a list of all medications you are currently taking, recent copies of x-rays, lab results and your insurance card to your appointment.

Preparing for your visit

We strive to inform patients about financial expectations regarding healthcare services and prepare them for upcoming procedures.

Health Portal

With our patient portal, you have the ability to securely connect with your doctors, schedule appointments and review your personal medical history, all online or via the app.

Make a payment

Our online payment platform allows you to view your bill for multiple providers and pay according to what works best for you, whether that means you split one payment evenly across your providers or you pay individual balances.

Patient rights and responsibilities 

While you're in our care, we believe an important part of your patient experience is knowing what to expect from us and understanding our commitment to you and your health.